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Student Life in Sanichi


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Students from Sano Nihon University Senior High School and Secondary School participated in the Forty-First Annual English Speech Contest of Nihon University Affiliated Senior High Schools in Tokyo yesterday. Rinka Sakai, a 1st year high school student, and Yosei Asahi, a 4th year secondary school student, presented their speeches to a crowd of students, teachers, and judges. The title of Rinka’s speech was “My Brother with Tourette Syndrome”.

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I hope everyone enjoyed their break, because it’s time to hit the books again. 2nd and 3rd year students returned to class last week, while new 1st year students had a few days with their teachers for training and orientation. Cherry blossom season is already behind us, but there are many other important events to look forward to as the new school year starts.

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Beginning March 18
, Sano Nihon University High School will be on holiday until the start of the new school year on April 5th. There will be several events going on at the school during the break, including several seminars, national tournaments and games for the rubgy, gold, and kendo club teams, the introduction of new faculty and staff, and saying goodbye to those retiring or moving on to other schools. We hope 1st and 2nd year students will take the time to prepare for their challenges in the new school year, and do their best to make new students feel welcome.

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The day may have started out cold, rainy, and grey, but by the time students left Plaza 40 with their flowers and heads held high, the weather reflected what everyone was feeling: sunny and beautiful.


This week, Sano Nihon University High School held ceremonies over two days to honor the students’ achievements for the Heisei 29 school year. First, on Wednesday, 1st and 2nd year students were presented awards and recognized for accomplishments in sports and culture activites in a small ceremony. On Thursday, parents joined in for a long day of awards, speeches, band performances, and diplomas for the 3rd year students.


Congratulations to all who took part in the ceremonies this week! There are still two more weeks of school until the spring holiday.

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This Sunday students from Sano Nihon University Senior High School involved in the Sakura Interact Club had the chance to meet with other club representatives from Tochigi Prefecture schools at the Utsunomiya Commercial High School. The club normally engages in volunteer activities, but this week was all about networking and enjoying  talking about each school's volunteer activities with the food provided. There will be other opportunities for the Sakura Interact Club in the future.

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Snow blanketed most of East Japan Monday evening, causing some trains to be delayed, roads to be closed, and a generally slowtime getting home. Sano Nihon University High School was affected as well; students were released early on Monday to ensure they could get home safely before the storm, and reported back to class late Tuesday morning.


Although it’s nice to see how a little snow can completely transform a landscape and let us see it with fresh eyes, we should always remember where our priorities are. We hope students will use the extra time to study and reflect while staying warm and safe.

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Welcome back to Sano Nihon University High School! I hope everyone enjoyed their winter vacation. Students returned to class on Tuesday to resume their studies for Heisei 30, and many students in the third grade are preparing to get high scores in the National Center Test for University Admissions, which will be held on January 13
and 14th.


Let’s all try to improve our performance as we finish up the school year by continuing to work hard, both in class and club activities.



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All three years of Sano Nihon University High School gathered in the gymnasium on Thursday to congratulate the third year students on their graduation. First, the Principal took the time to acknowledge the track and field team for their achievements and show support for those running the ekiden on December 24th. He also provided encouragement for a student entering the bibliobattle competition on January 28th. 

Then the students took control of the morning, showing the school student-directed short films, performing traditional and modern dance, and generally getting everyone happy after a long and difficult term.

Starting on December 23rd, Sano Nihon University High School will officially be on winter break until January 9th. We hope the students will take the opportunity to spend more time with family while keeping up with their studies.
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"We are now landing at Sano Nihon University High School. Please return your seatbacks and tray tables to their full upright and locked position…"

This weekend students at Sano Nihon University High School were treated to the full air travel experience without ever leaving the gymnasium. Mr. Hideki Yamamoto, a pilot with Japan Airlines, came to speak about his experiences flying for over thirty years. Starting with his career path in flight school, joining JAL at age 25, and working his way to becoming the captain of a 767 aircraft, Captain Yamamoto had some entertaining stories and words of advice for students interested in pursuing a career in aviation.

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This past Saturday, the 70th annual ekiden was held at Fujikawaguchiko Town in Yamanashi Prefecture. Over 96 teams were in attendance from across East Japan to run their hearts out and represent their schools. On the boys’ side, 48 teams ran a full marathon distance (42.195 km). Sano Nihon University High School’s team of Kosei Hitomi, Hikaru Oya, Shota Higuchi, Keishin Okuyama, Daiki Nemoto, Haruto Kurihara, and Haruki Kanakubo ran well, placing 5th overall. Let’s congratulate these students on their fine performance.
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This week, the Yell Caravan visited Sano Nihon University High School to promote the importance of supporting physical activity. Students had the opportunity to learn important information about their health, exercise, and eating habits, and how they will affect their future. Mr. Atsuhiro Miura, a former professional soccer player, spoke to the students and later attended a practice with the club team.

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Second year students at Sano Nihon University High School were treated to a piano performance by Ogawa Muto. His music and lyrics told the Summer of the Moonlight Sonata (月光の夏), the story of two kamikaze pilots who visited an elementary school to play their aging piano one last time before they were deployed. Mr. Ogawa both played the keys and sang the lyrics to bring their feelings to life. At the end of this month, the second year students will visit the kamikaze museum in Chiran, Kagoshima to learn more about the experiences of these soliders.

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This Saturday, students and teachers from Sano Nihon University High School will travel to Utsunomiya to cheer on the soccer team as they compete in the prefectural championships. Anyone wishing to attend should arrive at the Tochigi Prefecture Green Stadium by 13:00.

Before that, however, the high school students took the time to practice their cheers this week, going over all the school songs and ensuring their support will reach the ears of the soccer team at crucial moments. With the support of these Sano Nihon University High School students and teachers, the soccer team is guaranteed an energetic game.


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Several big events happened at Sano Nihon University High School this week as we approach the end of October. First, on Monday, a group of students visiting from Taiwan attended classes and learned about Taiko drumming. Though their stay in Sano was short, we always appreciate having other nationalities around for more perspective.



Secondly, it was a busy week for speech contests across the country. Saki Imai represented Sano Nihon University High School at the 39th annual English speech contest of Nihon University-affiliated senior high schools in Tokyo on Thursday. There were many excellent speeches from across Japan at this event, and though Imai-san did not place, she spoke very confidently and represented her school well.



On Tuesday, Aki Tomita participated in the 54th International Understanding Speech Contest in Utsunomiya. She recommended a solution to solve the world's poverty problem by participating in a short-term overseas training in the UK thi ssummer called "Bridge of the World”, which earned her 4th place.



On Friday, many students participated in the prefectural English speech contest in Tochigi City. As in Tokyo, there were many talented speakers presenting a range of topics. Masayuki Maruhashi of Sano Nihon University High School took home first place with his speech about basic necessities titled “What do you want most right now?”

Congratulations to all participants in the speech contests, and we hope we will have just as much interest next year!

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September 23rd marked the official start of autumn in Japan with a holiday celebrating the equinox. Students and teachers at Sano Nihon University High School have said goodbye to their cool biz attire. The first term ended on October 7th, and soon the leaves will start turning fiery red.



As we start this second term, let’s consider everything we have to look forward to in the coming months. For many third-year students, autumn is an important time. Some will start to have entrance exams, and others will have to start to prepare for ones coming at the beginning of next year. We’ve already had students studying in the US last month, but starting in November, there will be other trips to Okinawa and Kyushu. Here’s to another wonderful six months!


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Who would have thought that when Nihon University was founded 128 years ago, it would survive all the way to 2017 and continue to provide a proper education for students in law, science, and a variety of other subjects? The founder, Yamada Akiyoshi, had humble beginnings in Yamaguchi Prefecture but quickly developed his aspirations into a law school which became the university we know.

Today, we remember the origins that eventually led to the creation of Sano Nihon University High School and pay tribute to those teachers who dedicated their careers to help students succeed.

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This week, Sano Nihon University High School students took the achievement tests to determine if they qualify to enter Nihon University. Four intense sections of Japanese, English, math, and science took students all day Thursday. Their efforts will go noticed by prestigious universities, with years of hard work and study paying off.


Many high school students go on to do great things after graduating. Some end up working in highly scientific fields or business. Whatever their choice in the future, these students deserve our support for a job well done today.

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Sano Nihon University High School welcomed visitors from junior high schools across the Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, and Ibaraki areas last Saturday as students and their parents took the time to walk around campus, look into classes, and learn about the admissions process. Some of these students may be joining the school in the next year or two, and our faculty and staff made them feel right at home.

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Sano Nihon University Senior High School students broke up into ten groups for field trips across Ibaraki Prefecture on Thursday. The groups visited the National Research Institute for Science and Disaster Resilience, the Meteorological Research Institute, JAXA, the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, and the Public Works Research Institute. The majority had the opportunity to visit the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization to observe their particle accelerator and other machines.

This facility specializes in high energy particle physics. First years were able to ask questions to the scientists on site, watch the main lab from above, and learn about the history of nuclear energy and particle accelerators in Japan. We hope all high school students will have similar opportunities to explore their passion for science.

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Sano Nihon University High School welcomes all students and teachers back after a long summer holiday. With typhoons and small earthquakes hitting Japan over the break, it was an interesting few weeks for everyone.


Students representing Sano Nihon University High School placed 3rd at the 64th National High School General Kendo Competition. They traveled to Kamei Arena in Miyagi Prefecture from August 9th to 12th. Not only did the entire team do well, but Shoshi Ohiro placed second in the individual competition.


As we enter into the second half of the 2017 school year, we hope all students will continue to be diligent and respectful of themselves and their surroundings. Let’s make these next months as amazing as the start of your time at school.